Welcome to Registration at Newell-Fonda!

The Newell-Fonda Community School provides an online registration (OLR) option for parents to register their kids for school.  The OLR portal allows parents to submit basic household and student information to begin the registration process.  Some additional paper forms are necessary for certain types of additional information.  These additional forms are linked within the OLR portal, and (if needed) at the bottom of this page

New Family Registration

Use this link if you are new to Newell-Fonda, and have no students currently enrolled in the district.

 *You will need to provide a current email address to use this registration link.  You must respond to a confirmation email to proceed with the registration.

(If you are here by mistake, and are looking for Open Enrollment information, please click here.)

Existing Family Registration

Use this link if you already have students enrolled in the district (even if you are adding students who are just starting school).

*This link requires a Campus Parent Portal account.  If you don't already have one, please contact the school tech office by email at, or by calling the school at 712-272-3324.  We can set up a Portal account for you in minutes.  All we need is a current email address.

  •  Sign in to your Campus Parent account,
  •  Select "More" from the left side menu bar,
  •  Select "Online Registration".

In Person Registration

If using the Online Registration portal is not an option for you, you can register in-person at the school.  Please call the school office at 712-272-3324 to arrange a time to register.