Shark Tank 2016


Are you ready to dive into the TANK?!   Shark Tank is a 7th grade English conceptual unit that focuses on the design cycle process and action-research writing.  Using the engineering tool TinkerCad and the school’s 3D printers, students will find a solution to a problem in their environment, design an innovation that solves this… Continue reading


Made By Milk: 2016 Carton Construction Challenge


We had a team of students compete in the National Carton Construction Contest this year. Students team up to create a structure entirely out of waxy milk cartons and learn about sustainability. Our team this year created a community and cars out of the milk cartons to go with the theme of inventions. Now we… Continue reading


American Legion Writing Contest

AmerLegion color Emblem

The 5th graders participated in an American Legion writing contest about the Flag and what it means to our students.  Students had to submit a 300 word essay to be judged by members of the American Legion in Newell.   American Legion member Leonard Lanxon, 3rd Place winner Kade Smith, 2nd Place winner Caden Vandenbosch, 1st… Continue reading


Alamo Game

brooksgame featuredimage

Brooks Bellcock, grade 4, was creating a game about the Alamo for a class project and had heard that we have 2 3d printers that we encourage students to incorporate into their projects. After finding a design that he liked, we printed several in different colors to represent the different players.   Way to go Brooks!